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Chocolate Tiramisu Layered Dessert

Created by SteveA

An indulgent layered chocolate tiramisu, with double cream, amaretto, coffee soaked vanilla cake, and grated chocolate.

2 people
Difficulty rating of
Prep time
10 minutes


  • 4 round layers from a cake Vanilla cake
  • 200 ml double cream
  • 80 ml fresh coffee
  • 60 ml (or more if you want it really boozy ;-) ) amoretto (or similar liqueur)
  • 4 cubes chocolate
  • 2 teaspoons unrefined caster suger

Recipe Method

Add the amaretto and sugar to the coffee, and mix well.

Whip the double cream to firm peaks (don't overbeat, or it will be hard to layer !).

Cut the vanilla cake into 4 round slices (you can use a glass for this). If the slices are quite thick then slice them horizontally to create two thinner slices. Add the first cake slice to the bottom of your glass - you can use any wine glass, tumbler, etc that you want. Soak the cake in the coffee mixture, then dust with a grating of the chocolate. Next add a layer of the double cream over the top. Repeat this for the next layer.

Sprinkle a good dusting of the remaining chocolate over the final layer of cream, and serve :-)


To make the vanilla cake you can follow my previous recipe -

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  • chefdad 20/11/2013 Review Score: 5

  • SarahAnderson 23/12/2012 Review Score: 5
    Delicious, I'm thinking of using this for Christmas dinner as a "lighter" alternative to cake or pudding.

  • sandraglasgow 10/12/2012 Review Score: 5
    wow this was fab :-)

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