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Lemon and Limoncello Layered Trifle

Created by SteveA

A quick and easy, but indulgent trifle of layered sponge soaked in lemon and limoncello with double cream.

2 people
Difficulty rating of
Prep time
10 minutes


  • 6 round layers Vanilla cake
  • 2 small lemon
  • 300 ml double cream
  • 40-80 ml depending how boozy you want it ! limoncello
  • 8 teaspoons unrefined caster suger
  • 4 cubes dark chocolate

Recipe Method

Scrub then wash the lemons well to remove any wax, etc, or use organic.

Halve both the lemons and then squeeze there juice into a bowl, then add the limoncello liqueur. Put the sugar in a cup, and dissolve it in a a little hot water, then add this to the bowl with the lemon juice and limoncello.

Whip the double cream to firm peaks (don't overbeat, or it will be hard to layer !). Add the zest of one of the lemons to the cream (you can also add an extra teaspoon of sugar if you prefer your desserts quite sweet).

Cut the vanilla cake into 6 round slices (around 1/2 inch or so thick). Soak the cake in the lemon mixture, then add the cake slice to the bottom of your glass - you can use any wine glass, tumbler, etc that you want. Dust with a grating of the chocolate. Next add a layer of the double cream over the top. Repeat this for the next two layers.

Sprinkle a good dusting of the remaining chocolate over the final layer of cream, and serve :-)

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  • Dave 10/12/2012 Review Score: 4
    Really good, but I did find it quite sharp, so would add slightly more sugar next time.

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